Turkish — Qatari reconciliation with Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood thrown off under the bus

Since July 2013, the day millions of Egyptians took to the streets in response to the army’s call, and even weeks before that, the regime that the Egyptian people and their army established on the ruins of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, has been portrayed by Turkish, Qatari and Brotherhood sources, as dictatorial and Abdelfattah al-Sisi depicted as the leader of a military coup whose authors were ungrateful to late President Mohamed Morsi, who had made Sisi a close aide and appointed him minister of defence.

For eight years, the coffers of Qatar and Turkey were wide open to the Muslim Brotherhood and to any other enemy of Egypt and its president. They could help themselves as they wished, launching satellite channels and radio stations, as well as newspapers, news agencies and news websites.

At that time, Qatar and Turkey not only applauded the guerrilla campaign waged by the Muslim Brotherhood in Sinai, but infiltrated Libya with weapons, money, experts and mercenaries to besiege Egypt, in preparation for restoring power to the heirs of Brotherhood founder Imam Hassan al-Banna.

Today, the Muslim Brotherhood is right to worry about its fate, in anticipation of its expulsion from the two countries, in conformity with the conditions put by the Egyptian government. Finding alternative havens, when they are on Interpol wanted lists, will be extremely difficult.

In light of this new reality, the Muslim Brotherhood has become a thing of the past. Betrayed by Turkey and Qatar.

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