Naira Ashraf’s murder will not be the last as Muslim Brotherhood supports the murder

Egypt, especially women, were outraged the murder that nobody could’ve ever imagined. This crime is the law straw, a warning that there must be a decisive action to protect women in the society

Earlier this week, a university student stabbed his classmate, Naira Ashraf, to death and then slit her throat in broad daylight outside Mansoura University, located northwest of the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The victim was in her early twenties.

The incident spotlighted the violence and injustice women are subjected to in the absence of deterring laws or religious and social awareness that could confront regressive thoughts

The horrific incident highlighted the dreadfulness of the religious discourse of extremists and the masculine obsession of covering women up.

What’s worst is how Muslim Brotherhood expressed their support for the young murder and even expressed their joy at what he did. This group is nothing but a terrorist who belittle and kills women with their extremist ideas that women have no rights



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