Lebanon energy plan with Syria

Four Arab countries have agreed on a road map to supply Egyptian natural gas to Lebanon through Jordan and Syria during a ministerial meeting in Amman on Sept. 8. They also approved a plan to supply Jordanian electricity at a later stage to energy-starved Lebanon through Syrian territory.

During the Amman meeting, Zawati announced that Lebanon could be supplied with gas from Egypt via an existing pipeline that passes through Jordan, Syria and Lebanon as soon as the Syrian government rehabilitates its section of the pipeline. Ghajar said that the Egyptian gas will enable Lebanon to generate enough electricity to provide Lebanese households with four hours of power a day. He added that Lebanon is in contact with the World Bank to finance the cost of Egyptian gas.

Syria’s Minister of Electricity Ghassan Al Zamel was quoted by Syria’s Al Wattan newspaper on Sept. 7 as saying that the electric grid in southern Syria would cost $3.5 million to rehabilitate.

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